Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NZD 12192009

Muscle Beach

I was amazed by the large mounds of these on the beach as we came back from kayaking.  These were underwater when we left.

I like that this shot catches multiples sizes to add interest.  I like the curvature of the lines on the shells to define each one.  I like the blue, black and gold with just a few hints of red and white.  I like how there is a hint of lines or rows that the muscles formed, but then again curves and completely random areas.



Kathy said...

I love it, Jen! Your NZ photos make me want to pack up and head to my daughter's home in Auckland. In fact, we're having to really consider moving there when the DH retires. "Oh, please don't throw me in that briar patch, Brer Bear." ;)

And I enjoyed your previous post on gardening. Of course, I'm looking out the sunroom window at a couple of inches of freshly fallen snow as I write this. (sigh)

Jennifer said...

Kathy - I'm so there with you at least you have an excuse like a daughter who lives there! Sorry about the snow this late - but we'll see 85 today and tomorrow!

Life Looms Large said...

Anything that includes kayaking and beach has to be good!

I have the urge to fiddle with the color on this one....maybe make things a little darker. I'm obsessed with white balance lately.


PS: I will confess here that we bought a kayak the other day so that we'll have a boat that Bailey can fit in with us. (No he doesn't have to paddle, but now he can come along for the ride.) I'm starting to think maybe he really is spoiled!

Jennifer said...

Sue, you are probably right about increasing the shadows. I think I was shying away from losing the muscls in the foreground with them, but I think it would be beter o remove the blinding white on a few of these guys! Thanks!