Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NZD 12192009


The tide was going out and the parents were heading across this inlet to search for more food.  The chicks were not so sure about being left behind – especially with so many people who had come to cross while the tide was out.

I like having the complete family (even if it is an even number!) and the parents looking in opposite directions.  It speaks of a story.  The deep sleek black of them and the fuzzy gray of the chicks.  I also love the flash of orange.  I like the turn of the green inlet going back and forth twice.  I like the change of the sand from the soft foreground to the rocky background.



Theresa said...

How can you not love a bird with such a proud orange beak and legs!

Life Looms Large said...

Really nice bird photo!!

I've just been critiquing some of Jim's bird photos, and I swear, I have crop-itis or something. I always want to change the crop.

In your photo, I wonder what it would be like if you pulled the left side in a little, so the edge of the frame is in toward the thick part of that seaweed on the beach. Crop-itis.....it's a sickness, I swear!


Jennifer said...

Sue - I'll take a look an see if I can move to the left. It will take the parent there away from the middle and that's likely what is bothering you. I can now see it when you point it out!