Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NZD 12152009

Summer's Bounty

The 15 December was not one of our most prolific days for photographs.  I faced them thinking there will not be much to pull from since there is so little volume.  Yet, I am sticking with the discipline of going through them everyday to see what strikes me.  Today is such a day that I am glad I played by the rules.  I have ignored this photo a number of times thinking itw as just for the blog, but today I suddenly saw the cropping down to this tomato and corn.  Okay yes - I am missing summer and all the great things that go with it - especially locally grown produce.  Still in this photo, I love the gleam of the juice of the tomato and butter (yes REAL butter) on the corn against the flat green of the spinach.  I like the bright colors of red, yellow and green.  I like the roundness of the corn with the hard edges of the cut tomato.  I am grateful the corn is multi colored. It makes me smile and think of what is coming in a few months!


K Spoering said...

Oh my goodness! Now I am sooooo hungry, but grocery store tomatoes taste nothing like these look!

Life Looms Large said...

I totally want to eat that food right now!!!

The corn came out great in that photo....great color and focus, plus the glaze of the butter on it. It's like an ad for corn on the cob!!