Sunday, March 14, 2010

NZD 12172009

Tui in the Harakeke

For me, the fun of the picture is the Tui turned up on his head to feed the nectar from the harakeke (flax).  I like the bright yellow blooms, the yellow nectar on his beak, the bright green of the flax in the background – all contrasting this dark iridescent bird and the dark stalks of the bloom.  I like the flax and his tail feathers laying from left to right while the stalks are right to left.  The shame in the pose is that his distinctive mark of a white pouch under his chin can be lost in the bloomsimage


Life Looms Large said...

Cool picture and cool bird! Now I'm dreaming of New Zealand again.

I sort of like it if I turn the computer on its side too. Somehow my eye finds the bird more easily that way. (I guess I'm not quite as into subtlety as you are....but then you're a tapestry artist so you know what works in that medium!) Plus, you've actually seen this bird and have the wonderful memory of a bird that eats upside down like that.

OK, enough babbling from me for now!


Susan said...

I'm really enjoying the NZ pictures and story line!
I used to live there many years ago for about 5 years. We were in the South Island at Dunedin.

Simply beautiful and I hope to go back for a visit.


Jennifer said...

Thanks Susan. I've really enjoyed "extending" my trip by processing these pictures. Every week I'll stop and say - Oh remember this.... I hope you get another visit in as well and let me knwo if you blog it!

Sue - I see what you mean when I turn the laptop on it's side. I wonder about the shadows "feeling" right - i.e. does it portray the light source in a natural place??? So much of this I'm just trying to figure out what catches my eye visually and I hope this practice will make my tapestries better. Right now I struggle more with getting to the loom! Thanks for all your input - it really makes me think about what I am doing and that's the point!

Theresa said...

He is so perfectly adapted for eating nectar. What a lovely little bird! I also love the names of things and such. They give me a linguistic workout.