Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NZD 12172009

It seems redundant, but I still get a kick out of these pictures that have some aha! moment.  You don’t have to look at hard in this one to see the bee, but for me it still bring a smile.  I not only like the bee, but the brilliant white of the petals against the dark background.  I like that there is a cluster of three of these daisies together and then a smattering of the yellow flowers in the background.



Kaite said...

It's such a pure white isn't it. Very appealing. They have bumble bees in NZ, big fellas, bigger than the ones we have here in NSW.

Jennifer said...

We have bumblebees here also - they are no only big - they make BIG noise when they are coming. BUZZZa, BUZZZa, BUZZZa!

K Spoering said...

My husband is just getting into macro photography. In the spring, our backyard hums loudly with the sound of the huge black bees in the flowering crab. I suspect he'll be taking bee photos this spring. Might have to get him a net for his hat!

This is pretty.I like the next one, too.

Life Looms Large said...

I love the contrast between the foreground daisies and the yellow blurred flowers in the background. Nice composition!!