Saturday, March 20, 2010

NZD 12172009

Flower in the Forest

While I have the digital macro on the camera, one still fights the wind moving the branches of a bush or stem of a flower.  I was drawn to this purple flower in the sea of green of this wildlife sanctuary.  I took quite a few pictures waiting for the wind to stop the swaying.  I did get a few that show good detail of the flower.  Still in reviewing them all, this one is the what was chosen – the blurred moving one with the flower moving off camera. 

I like it for the light coming down strong from above, but then through the petal tot he point of washing the color out.  Even the green of some other plant is highlighted and backlit in the background.  I like the soft curl of the petals with the hard lines of the stamen.  (Is stamen right?  I really should look that up!)  I like the BIG flower in the foreground with all the background lost in burst of color.



J. Austin - said...

This photo would make a fabulous tapestry design! Although it might not have quite that brilliant smooth effect of light coming through the flower petals and leaves. Still, it would be fun to weave, I love the colors and composition, and as a tapestry it would have that special fiber feel to it.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jan - I thought this could make a tapestry as well - particularly the organic shapes. I was just hinking through which direction... I could even let petals be eccentric if it was woven vertically or from right to left...

Life Looms Large said...

Sometimes we have one person hold the flower while the other person photographs it. Plus a tripod helps a lot. (Although if there's a lot of wind, there's no hope!)