Saturday, March 6, 2010

NZD 12122009

Outdoor Sculpture in Auckland

This sculpture in total is about 8 feet by four feet high.  These “triangular” shapes are easily a foot across.  I appreciated the regularity of the piece, the patterns, and the connected shapes.  I like the hardness of the metal being formed in pillow like shaped with soft corners.  In cropping it I discovered these pinwheel like forms that I did not see when I looked at the entire sculpture.  I wonder what this would be like if each of the “triangles” were a different color.



Life Looms Large said...

You found some beautiful sculptures in New Zealand. Somehow that surprises me.

I'm with you...the contrast of the metal with the puffy pillow shapes is my favorite thing about this piece. I wish I could weave it (not as tapestry, but as a structure on my loom).


Kaite said...

They are magical shapes, i could try beading them perhaps. Kaite

charlotte said...

This is indeed very special and fascinating!