Thursday, March 4, 2010

NZD 12152009

Landscape North Island

There are many wonderful landscape view in New Zealand.  What captured me in this one is the texture of the hills, the pile of stones to break the green up, and the harder texture of the field of crops in the foreground.  I also was drawn to the occasional dark green trees planted for a windbreak and because they stand alone, they look as if they are stretching to the sky.   Landscapes like these remind of quilts – sometimes regular orderly shapes and other times like crazy quilts.



Life Looms Large said...

There's something very beautiful and soothing about that terrain. It reminds me of Ireland.

I like the orderly rows of crops and the crazy rolling hills behind it. Good contrast.


charlotte said...

Yes, it reminds me of ireland as well, it's so green. The grass on the hills looks so soft, almost like moss.