Sunday, April 4, 2010

NZD 12202009


Happy Easter!

I am not pleased with how washed out the white truffle is, but I am pleased with the various textures of the truffles – from smooth to rough.  I even like the corrugated edges of the paper to keep them in their own separate homes.  I love the matte, but rich finish of the milk and dark chocolates.  There are just too many highlights on the white!image


Theresa said...

I would be more than happy to eat those white truffles and take them off your hands, since, they of course, are messing up your photo! ;-)
Okay, now I'm hungry. Is 7:45 a.m. too early to make and eat brownies you think?

K Spoering said...

Did you try selecting the white area and decreasing the contrast in PhotoShop? I don't know if it would do what you want, but may be worth a try.

K Spoering said...

Also, you can go to Image/ Adjustments/ Shadow-Highlights, and increase the highlights on the selected area.

Jennifer said...

Theresa - every moment is a perfect moment for chocolate!

Kathy - thanks for the thoughts. I did work with the shadow - highlights, etc. it became a balance of bringing down the white without losing the dark chocolate. And also I only had a trial licence on Photoshop and I've let it expire. It was not intutitvely obvious to me and I just didn't take the time to work with it to learn how. It's photos like these that I'm sure Photoshop could help me with!