Thursday, April 8, 2010

NZD 12202009

Tauranga Bay near Sunset

Somehow I’m fascinated with taking some pictures directly into the sun.  I love the shadows and the washout of color it creates.  I love the shine of the water from the setting sun.  In this one, I like the texture of the channel and on the beach in the foreground – the rocks, the side of the channel.  I like how is meanders out to the sea.  My eye follows it from right to left and back again between the rocks to the right.  If I am slow enough in this meandering, I’ll see the people on the beach and realize the scale.



Theresa said...

Of all the beautiful pictures you've posted I think this is my favorite. I would want a wall with the photo on it making me feel like I could step into that little tidal stream

Jennifer said...

Thanks Theresa!

charlotte said...

This picture is fabulous! It's got something very dramatic, like scene out of a movie.