Saturday, April 10, 2010

NZD 12202009

Cliffs at Tauranga Bay

It must have been the lighting at the end of the day that caused me to choose so many landscapes from Tauranga Bay!  We did see many other sites the rest of the day, but these were the better photos for me.

I like the shadows cast on the side of the cliffs from the prior cliff.  I like the texture of the cliffs in the foreground and the number of layers of color.  I like the trees popping up occasionally, but particularly the one bend into the wind on the edge of the cliff.  I also like the worn stone the near foreground reminding me that these cliffs will not stay this way forever.image


Kaite said...

it looks very windy there. |<.

Leisurely Lesley said...

Hi Jennifer, I am a new visitor to your blog which I linked to after you had made a comment on my blog. Thanks for that. I'm just a wee bit confused. Where do you live? Your profile says South Carolina, however, you seem to be mainly blogging from NZ. Maybe you had a holiday in NZ and now catching up on blogs?

Jennifer said...

Hey Lesley - I do live in South Carolina and we went on holiday for 5 weeks in New Zealand in December and January. We took 7000 pictures so I have started a project of taking one day's worth of pictures and spending a week processing them to pull out 7 of the best images. The other side of this is also my improving my ability to create visually appealing images - so in anaylzing I want to come to understand what is appealing to me and why. I welcome any and all comments as I explore! Hope this helps clear up the confusion. It all began 1/31 on: