Monday, April 5, 2010

NZD 12202009

Seals at Tauranga Bay

This picture is near sunset on the most blustery day I’ve ever experienced.  The waves were violent along with the gust of wind.  I could not imagine how one could rest in such.  But here she is with her pup.

I love all the colors on the rocks – yellow, red, blue, green and gray.  I love the number of rocks and the number of directions the edges create in the piece.  I also love the seals are different colors such that one can define the pup against the mother.  That allowed for an intimate photo moment to be recognized.image


Kaite said...

bit of wind doesn't bother that big Mama. aren't they lovely, so peaceful. |<.

charlotte said...

This is a fantastic picture! It's amazing that you got so close to the seals, and I've never seen rocks with so many colors. Are the colors part of the rock or are they lichens?

Jennifer said...

Charlotte - a 10x zoom on the camera helps to ge the shot. As far as the clors, I think the rocks bring in the grays, whites and blues. The remaining I think are due to lichen, grasses and whatever else the sea brings in.