Saturday, April 17, 2010

NZD 12212009

Truman Track Beach

This view shows some of the erosion the sea has made on the sandstone and the pebbles below the rock.  This may seem confusing since I’ve skewed and rotated the picture.

I like the colors of the sandstone – some dry, some wet.  I like the graceful curves the lines take and the chunky shapes of the rocks at the top right.  I also like the streaks of drops that are falling from the rock.  I also like the smooth of the rock against the texture of the pebbles.image


Theresa said...

Oh that's a neat shot. I'm having a hard time with the scale though. Looks like it could be an ankle buster or maybe swallow a whole body? :-)

Jennifer said...

Oh no - swallow the whole body - this is easily 6 feet deep!