Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NZD 12232009

Glacial Flow

It was summer so the glacier certainly had areas that were melting. This was one of my favorite formations.  I love the soft scooping of the left side of the channel and the curves of the final stream at the foot.  I also found it interesting how the blues became so intense when it was hidden from the the direct light – like a treasure.



Kaite said...

nope, still too cold!! |<.

Jennifer said...

Yep - I know what you mean! I would hate to see this at any other season! It was cold enough in December!

Kaite said...

i agree, it's very awesome looking with the blues and whites, but right now we're having a cold snap and i'd rather look at reds, sorry. got any reds? K.

Jennifer said...

Try the next blog entry on April colors for Sue at Life Looms Large - there's some orange marigolds and fushia petunias!