Sunday, April 11, 2010

NZD 12212009

Pancake Rocks

It is unknown how these formations came to be.  What is known is the rock is limestone and miles of the west coast of the South Island are made of it.

I love the strong stacking the the horizontal, but the building in the vertical.  I love diagonals worn within the rock, but then the opposite diagonal from one formation that fell.  I also love the occasional curve and hole.image


Theresa said...

Those are seriously cool rocks!

charlotte said...

I love this picture, it's great!

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Beautiful inspiration for tapestry here! Lovely horizontals taken out of straight just a bit eccentrically! This could be cropped in many places and give designs for a whole series of pieces. A very exciting image!
Take a look at Alex Friedman's tapestries--the ones done in the past few years in which she uses eccentric weft... lots to remind me of these lines in your photo to be seen in those tapestries of here.