Monday, February 1, 2010

NZD 12102009

My first thought on this one was the surfer himself (and how pleased I was that I actually caught him). Is that another surfer way up and to the right? Looking further, the line of the wave points to the tallest buildings on the beach (is that a factory or a highrise???) and lastly connects with the clouds in the sky. I did play with some filters and colors to bring out the sharpness of texture of the surface of the water and define the edge of the cloud.


charlotte said...

That's simply a fantastic picture!

Kaite said...

Yep, that's another surfer sitting on his or her board waiting for a wave. Nice shot. Kaite

Life Looms Large said...

Even though I usually want to avoid having my diagonal go straight into a corner, in this picture I'm kind of tempted to crop off some of the bottom. That might be just my rule of thirds rut talking though!!!

Love the color and texture!!!


K Spoering said...

What a beautiful image! Wouldn't it be a stunning tapestry?

Jennifer said...

Sue - I did actually crop to make the image more narrow. It might have gone the corner before I messesd with it!

Kathy - I enjoyed this image by itself, but once I started playing with the filters, I could see texture in the water and thought tapestry. Looking further, I could see the wave created with eccentric weaving. The more I look - it does lend itself to letting the techniques of weaving enhance the image. The only part missing is the shine off the water. Any thoughts there?