Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Olympics – at home

image We have heard many reports of how snow is lacking in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics.  We can understand the dilemma because we have acquired 3” of it – wonderful powdery snow that I don’t know I’ve ever seen before.  We went out this morning in order to make a snow dog and this will not clump in the least!  So this must be Olympic snow that got lost like those sea gulls we see occasionally in the summer.

Since this is Olympic snow, we were compelled to give our all to the spirit of excellence and competition.

I chose the sport of snow angels.  While form was nearly perfect, the snow was not in the best conditions.  The Russian judge only gave me a 2.  Sticks and leaves poking out are deductions.imageJames took on the biathlon event that extremely physically taxing event that takes great nerve and skill.  The first step is sweeping.  The consistency of this powder is new to James.  So sweeping could be a challenge.  He seems to be adapting well…..image The second part of the competition involves shoveling.  Again, James is more accustomed to ice that must be broken before being shoveled.  Working with powder will require flexibility on his part along with extreme mental focus.  Will he make it???image The one athlete everyone looks to for bringing home the gold is Shadow.  Today his event is digging up sticks.  Look at his form in this training run.  He is a born natural!image Once the stick in retrieved from the snow, it is Shadow’s time to shine.  The stick must be shredded within 30 seconds and there are extra marks for the number of pieces.  This initial heat run puts Shadow in the medal round. Shadow says “Grrrr!”imageWeather conditions did change drastically for the actual medal round.  This will test the will and mind of all the athletes, but this is what they have been training for since they were pups.  Shadow enters the arena with his recovered stick.  Snow is blowing from all directions, but he is unfazed, completely focused on his stick.  Shadow has broken the Olympic and World Records!!!imageWe have finally come to the medal ceremonies for today.  Shadow does win the “gold” medal and receives the frozen Kong!imageJames wins the silver receiving the pewter medallion and Jennifer consoles herself with 4th place by making a cup of hot chocolate! imageimage 

After such a big day, our hero Shadow takes a well earned rest!image


K Spoering said...

Ah, peanut butter in the Kong. Now Booker would accept that as a gold medal any day!
Congratulations on such successful Games!

Jennifer said...

We tried peanut butter, but Shadow is rather indifferent to it! This actually is a can of dog food frozen in the Kong! The medal ceremonies were a bit of a mess...

tommye said...

Great commentary... you should be in line for Bob Costas' job at the next Olympics!

By the way, the sleeping shot of Shadow would make a great tapestry!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Tommye - you know I've have racked my brain about what is the essence of Shadow that would make a great tapestry. There's the ears when they perk up, there's the tail that wags when he's sitting down, there's the flutter of the tail when he runs through a field, but of all of that - this may be the one image that actually becomes a tapestry! It always makes me laugh when I see him being so "human"

Life Looms Large said...

That last picture of Shadow is really striking....and I can see that other commenters agree! He's one gorgeous dog!

Thanks for making me laugh!!!! I hope to not compete in any more snow events this winter! (And I definitely hope never to win a frozen Kong!!)