Saturday, February 6, 2010

NZD 12102009

A bird’s eye view

I like this one, but then I don’t.  I like that it captures different sizes of the lampposts and the Aquarium is in the background.  There’s a lot to explore.  I’m not sure I like all the piping and the handrail being so dominant….  But then again it’s not the usual view.  Maybe if there really was a bird right there????  How does it strike you?image


Life Looms Large said...

When it popped up in my google reader, the bottom of my window was about even with the shadow on the right side of the pipe - so chopping off a lot of the pipe. I liked it better cropped there than when I could see the whole thing. The exact point for that bottom border is tough for me to decide on, but I like it with less of that giant turquoise pipe.

I do like the unusual vantage point though!! And the colors are great!


PS: Of course I remember that you work full time!! I used to overwhelm myself at work and be more focused craft-wise when I worked full time. Food for thought for me....I was probably better at prioritizing my time off then because I had much less of it.

Jennifer said...

Sue - I think you are right - see if this fits better...
I also extended the left side to intersect with the other pipe.

Life Looms Large said...

Yes - I was just quickly scanning back through your blog and thought "How could I have thought there was too much pipe in that photo?" But now I see that it's new and adjusted.
I like it better this way!!


Anonymous said...

Love this picture. You can do lots with it.