Tuesday, February 2, 2010

There’s Actually Weaving Going on Here

Okay – not a huge amount, but with the snow last weekend, there was a good move forward.


Before we left, I did cut all the bamboo that I had cleaned and finished.  So it was waiting for me very nicely laid out on the floor.  Some of the bamboo is not straight, or has zigzags in it.  I chose to take smaller, thinner pieces to fill in those gaps.   image The picture above is a bit dark because I took it from underneath the loom.  I was able to “weave” in enough to need to advance the “fabric”!  I pulled out some old towels to cushion between the bamboo and the loom – both at the front and at the back for winding.  image image

The Joy of Silk

Before we left, I also made a bit of progress on the Christmas  “Joy”.  This is my first time working with a cartoon.  I was enjoying the results so much I found I had the weaving bug just when we are about to head out!  I found the same joy when I returned and wove without abandon this weekend.  Again – not much, but I am pleased with some progress at this point!  I think the piece is turning out to be a bit “folksy” with the thicker black lines.  Part of that is likely the scale, but I still am happy with it and it will likely make a good present for next year.   But shhh  - don’t tell anyone! image


Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Nice to see both weavings, Jennifer!
I love the way the bamboo piece is developing. The contrasts of the sizes and the occasional bends make it even more appealing, I think.
I like the bold black lines surrounding the JOY--bold statement in many ways.

Life Looms Large said...

I like your bamboo weaving solution....reminds me of the stone walls that have small stones in between big ones!!

Yay for joy!! (In all of its forms)

Weaving for Christmas following Christmas is much more fun for me than that frantic, last minute, squeeze it in in December feeling!


Jennifer said...

Thanks Tommye for the encouragement - It's amazing how good it feels actually be weaving! It reminds of why I started this in the first place!

Sue - it IS great to work on Christmas in January without all the rush! Maybe that should be a tradition also!

charlotte said...

Your bambooo weave is very exciting! I wove with straw once, and there were also bent straws, but of course, that didn't matter, since straw is soft. I like how you put in smaller bits, it reminds me of building stone walls.

Life Looms Large said...

Interesting that I'm not alone in this enjoyment of present-making without pressure. Maybe it will be a new tradition!!