Monday, February 8, 2010

NZD 12122009

Eyes of the Mauri Carving

I like the contrast of the paua shell and the wood – the shine of the shell versus the soft of the wood and the flat of the shell versus the 3D carving of the wood.

The carvings can be very intricate and so much so that it is difficult to take it all in.  The message can get lost in the busyness.  I liked cropping to a section that was more easily absorbed and allowing me to focus just what this portion says – the shell brings life to the carving.



Life Looms Large said...

The carving definitely reminds me of how exotic your trip to New Zealand was. (I still love the idea of aggressive alpine parrots....those three words really don't go together in my mind!)


Jennifer said...

It is really sometimes hard to keep all the aspects of New Zealand together - there is so much!