Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Colors in San Diego

Sue from Life Looms Large asked for color combinations from nature for February.  I thought I would share a few days I had in San Diego and dedicate to all those who are still looking at snow and grey and cold!  May it cheer you up!

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K Spoering said...

Lovely! Just what I needed. In fact, it has reminded me that I have tickets to the local Botanical/Butterfly garden. I must go this week, as we are still colorless here, and more snow is expected tomorrow!

Life Looms Large said...

You promised me a surprise and you definitely delivered!!! These are such beautiful photos....and such great colors!!!

Meanwhile we're hunkering down for 6 straight days of rain/snow/sleet. Not much is coming down at a time, but it's dismal.

I definitely needed this shot of color!!



charlotte said...

Fantastic colors! Here everything is white, your pictures really cheer me up!

Sharon said...

I wandered over here from Sue's Colors of the Month post. I grew up in San Diego and lived there until I was 21 and married. Both of my husband's boy live there now and they love it. Something is growing there year round. I do miss our prolific lemon tree.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sharon - I'm sure there is much to San Diego that is worht missing, but come now - only Reno could draw you away!

Anonymous said...