Thursday, February 4, 2010

NZD 12102009

Lights in the sky. 

I was only able to see this during the day, but I do wonder what this pier would be like with all the lights at night.  The sunlight still caught them and even gave the pier a it of a lacy look.

I like the contrast of artificial and natural and of the hard versus the soft.  I also like the simplicity.  The original picture also showed the beach along with all the houses.  That picture was far too busy.  This, I think, is simple without being plain.



Life Looms Large said...

I like it!! I do notice my eye going to how close the lamppost is to the edge. What does it look like with a little more of the left side included? (With my luck, there's always something distracting and ugly right there!!)

cropping fiend

Jennifer said...

Your right my eye does tend to stay to the left and then I might wander about in the clouds. The issue is that the there is no more to the left in the original photo - so there's one lesson to take with me. I may be able to photoshop something to the left. I'll take a look this weekend. Thanks!