Thursday, February 11, 2010

NZD 12122009

SkyTower Auckland

I liked the view of the tower against the sky.  I decided to play with the “cutout” in Photoshop for this one.  I appreciate the simplification of the number of values, but I still feel awkward with the playing with the edges.  I think I need to reduce one to practice and see if this is what I want for a cartoon.  Something about doesn't feel right.  Any thoughts?image


K Spoering said...

After you use 'cutout', or any filter, you can go to the 'edit' pulldown menu and 'fade' the effect as much or as little as you like. I almost always fade effects like 'cutout'- just to back them off a bit and soften the hard edges.

This would be fun to weave!

Life Looms Large said...

I love the sky....the way the colors are diagonal...very cool.

You know me....not as much of a fan of centered composition. Do you have any image to the sides of the tower? Could you slide the frame around a little via cropping to have it not quite so centered? (Or maybe tapestries are centered? What do I know??)


Jennifer said...

Kathy - I'll give that a try this weekend. I think I just need to dedicate some time to play more with Photoshop - or as you suggested head to the library for a guidebook! I thought it might be fun to weave also.

Sue - Tapestries can be anything and really I am looking for visually appealing images before I start on the tapestry. Since they take so long (particularly mine) I want to be pleased in the end with all the time invested. You are right off center could be an improvement. I don't have the ability in the phot as is, but could decide to crop more of the base to one side. You know if there was a moon or sun in the sky to one side I think that may help as well. The diagonals just happened with the software. I'm sure they are there with the photo, but somehow I didn't think "diagonal" until it was processed.


I love the colors and the prespective of the picture, I think it would be a great tapestry.

Anonymous said...

I think this is cool and agree it would make a good tapestry. Try making your canvas size larger and then scooching the tower over to where it is not centered and filling in the extra canvas by copying some of the existing sky.
The only compositional change that I would make would be to not let the bottom of the tower come directly to the bottom corner. Same for the color change in the diagonal of the sky.

But, personally I think the centering of the tower makes a strong statement.

For what it is worth!