Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joy and Wedges

Hah – more weaving this weekend!  I was able to finish “JOY” and cut it from the loom.  I’m letting it rest and then will clean up the ends on the back.  You can see a bit here of the slits I purposely placed in the design for the suggestion of beams coming from the star.  I want to bring those out right at the end of the finishing.  I’ve also have slits on either side of the horizontal black since those were created around just one warp.  I’m wondering about how to mount this piece to accent the beams, but not show gaps with the black outline of the letters.   I had thought about mounting it on black, but will the beams be lost?  Any thoughts there?  Eventually my thoughts are the whole assembly will be placed on white and framed in gold.

imageThen, I’ve also begun a new project.  I had “bought” some Noro yarn from Theresa at Camp Runamuck last spring or summer in her last stash celebration specifically to use it in a wedge weave.  I’ve combined it with a Peruvian wool in chocolate brown as the background color.  I’m using the Big Sis pipe loom my DH and I made last Valentine’s Day for my wedge weave class at John C Campbell.  The loom is continuously warped for 16” wide and about a yard long.  I intend to just go until the skein of Noro yarn runs out.  But I’ve been known to change my plans before! 

Things have gone well with this one.  But as you can see I’m slowly creeping upward as I weave.  I’m pretty sure that means I’m putting too much in there.  I need to check my notes from class.  I was able to work with it some to pack it down, but it’s not going to get back to flat completely.  I don’t mind it wavering some, but this is only the first 6 inches, which means this will continue it’s upward trend to something out of control.  So I think there will be some time this week to take this out.  Still I wanted you to see the colors of the Noro yarn as it comes in.  I think it’ll be great if I can get back in the swing of the technique again!



K Spoering said...

You could sew the slits together that you don't want to show as slits (around the letters) but leave the others open. Nice!

Kaite said...

hi Jenn, those centre warps are very close together compared to the outer ones, and the angle of the grey compared to the angle of the black is very different, but it goes all the way back to the teal. I think you'll have to unpick back to the teal and be very careful how you turn at the top before going back down the slope. K.

Life Looms Large said...

Your joy tapestry is beautiful!!! I love the design, the star, the rays of starlight. Unfortunately I have neither expertise nor suggestions about mounting it, but hopefully one of your other readers will.

It's cool to see Noro used in tapestry. I like how the green fades into the brown.

That piece looks like the warp is pretty closely spaced.


Theresa said...

Oh gosh the Noro is going to be wonderful for that project! That colorway has some really lovely soft shades in it.
Joy looks quite joyful too. I like the addition of slits for light coming through.
Is Shadow turning into a good weaving buddy/helper?

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Mounting "JOY" on black will let the single wrapped warps be emphasized. You could also consider having other color(s) placed on the mounting cloth to align with the slits that come from the star. That could actually be attached to the back of the tapestry, if you wanted, so that it would stay exactly where you wanted it to be. What if it were gold or silver metallic, for instance, so that you'd see only a hint of the shine through the slit?

About the change of height, as a couple have mentioned, the spacing warps more closely will add to that. Also, it appears that maybe the Noro is a bit denser than the brown at the side... is the brown more "squishy"--if so, it's packing in differently.

Colors in the Noro are going to be beautiful in the wedge weave!

charlotte said...

I love "joy", it looks great and reminds me of a graffiti. The Noro yarn is lovely, I like the soft green color.