Sunday, January 31, 2010

NZD: New Zealand Daily 12102009

Thanks to all who commented my plans for processing our images from New Zealand.  All were helpful in the process of defining how I’m going to try this.  I’ve decided to keep it in the same blog for my own simplicity – everything is in one place.  It may not have the focus of a separate blog, but it is more of a reflection of what my life is like – a melting pot.  What I will do though is to set aside these images in two ways: a prefix in the title (NZD for New Zealand Daily) and then the same in the categories.  I can pull all the images together if I so choose, and you can see the prefix to know if it is one you want to follow.  I welcome feedback!

This week’s images will come from December 10, 2009 while we were in LA. 

I am pleased with the fuzziness that hides the street and greenery.  In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d question if it’s even a photograph.  I’m also pleased with the slight sharpness of the petals of the flower that gives the picture focus.  I also like the diagonal of the stem to the flower to the sky.  The story for me is one of simply turning my face to the sun, letting all the busyness fade away, and being what I am created to be.



Life Looms Large said...

NZD - I like it!!! (Melting pot.....I'm going to use that to describe my blog one of these days...because it definitely is!)

My first impression of this photo is the strong 3D element of the petals sticking right out at me. (I did see Avatar in 3D a few days ago so that might have affected how I noticed that.)

I love the way the greenery complex and interesting.

I also really like that you can see the slight darkness where the petals overlap.

I am by no means a photography if you want to give us more guidance of the type of feedback you want, have at it!!

I agree with you on the composition, and of course we will all find our own story in everything that we see!


Kaite said...

You could turn it into a tapestry too, that would be nice. Kaite

Jennifer said...

Katie, I had thought this would be good for a tapestry also. But it does help to hear I'm not the only one!

Sue, whatever strikes you is what I want to hear as feedback. I am exploring what makes a good visual image and learning how to make better ones. What helps is hear other's opinions - so just be you! Thanks for pointing out the overlap of the petals - I had not really seen that before!

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Nice photo, Jennifer!
I also think tapestry potential... and possibly combined with wedge weave since there are such strong diagonal movements here.