Friday, January 8, 2010

Due North

I have this strange feeling today of being a ridiculous tourist.  In today’s stretch of road it seems there is either a beach to be seen (which are all beautiful, but we do not have the day to lie out there) or a major tourist trap to be caught in.  The first was Kiwi360 – a theme park in the middle of a kiwi orchard.  We didn’t take the tour, but did stop to shop for kiwi.  Did you know they grew on a vine?  For some reason I had it in my head it was a tree.image We also went through Paeora which was the birthplace of L&P (Lemon and Paeora), the “national soft drink of New Zealand”.  There is a mineral spring in the area and someone had the idea of throwing some lemon into the water.  It’s grown to the point that Coke owns them.  The label reads “World Famous in New Zealand”.image Somewhere in between we drove through Katikati, aptly named the mural town for it’s 40 murals.  Keep looking through there because there is likely one just around the corner or right behind you. image image Then we entered the Cormandel Peninsula.  Our stop for the night is on the far north end of it in the Cormandel Town.  We are coming up the west side of it and we were rewarded with these.image imageimageIt’s taken a while to get here, but it’s been well worth it to catch this sunset.image
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Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful scenery!!!

I never knew that kiwis grew on a vine....and I even had a fairly detailed idea in my mind of what a kiwi tree looks like. Ooops!

Did you taste the world famous soft drink? Was it good??

This morning I've had comments from people as far south as Florida who got snow yesterday, so now you can feel even better about being in New Zealand!! It's always good to miss some snow!

Have fun!