Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Zealand Daily Visual

For those who have been following New Zealand, you’ve readily seen that are many upon many photos.  In an effort to hold onto the trip, my plans for the rest of the year were to process these photos.  You may have also seen my plea for help in choosing a software package.  My thoughts are to take one day's worth of photos from New Zealand and spend an entire week with them.  I would then like to pull out one for each day and create a blog entry.  You may have seen Jane Dunnewold’s Daily Visual blog in 2009 where she journaled visually for a year about the world around her.

The focus for me with the New Zealand pictures is not so much about where, what, when and how from the trip, but about what strikes me about the image visually.  I want to practice or train my eye for being able to identify designs that speak to me and even explore why.

What I would love is to get feedback in these blog entries.  What do you see in any image or does it speak to you at all?  Is it the colors, the lines, the feelings stirred up or the first words that come to mind?

If this is of interest to you, I have a question at this point – would it  be better to place these entries in this blog or to create a new blog just for this exercise?  Hmmmm….  I can see benefits and confusion both ways!


Life Looms Large said...

I lean heavily toward keeping just one blog, so I'd be pretty tempted to just add the New Zealand work to your current blog.

But I know there are plenty of folks who keep multiple you could go that route also for lots of good reasons.

In the fall, when I was enjoying posting photos of fall, but also had daily content about weaving and other creative or inspiring things, I did sometimes feel like my fall posts interfered with the story line of my regular posts. But there are tons of bloggers who post more than once a day, so I figured it was OK.

That's my long and roundabout way of saying that it's up to you. I'll follow along either way! Sounds interesting!


Valerie said...

Wow, Jen...finding a photo daily sounds like a big commitment to me.

Some blogs do "Wordless Wednesday", like Cate Kerr at

From Cate's blog, I picked up a copy of The Zen of Creativity by John Daido Loori. Just finished the chapter "The Jeweled Mirror" on getting feedback on your work. It's interesting if you're okay with a zen approach.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sue - You're always out there aren't you! I love it!

Valerie - thanks for the link and books. I've never dealt in the zen approach, but I like looking into new things.

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Great idea Jennifer... I'd vote for a separate blog... one that you could think of as a "sketchbook" of sorts in which your whole attention was on the work you've committed to doing with the images you collected on your trip. Did you follow Jan Austen's travel blog when she & husband were on an extended stay in Europe last year?