Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Colors Down Under

Sue from Life Looms Large has begun a great thing in looking around at the color combinations that nature puts together each month.  She just posted her January colors and talked of how she can’t get a picture that doesn’t have some snow!

I’ve only been around for the last week at home and I can tell you that taking pictures has not been part of my time.  BUT I can share the colors of New Zealand in January!  (I know it’s cheating…)

The Tui bird feeding on the nectar in the Harakeke bloomsimage Silica terraces and hot water algaeimage Thistle and Gannets at Cape Kidnappersimageimage I loved the green and gold of the Coromandel Peninsula image Reflecting light in a sea caveimage Bark of a Kauri treeimage Bougainvilleaimage Martins Beach near Opomereimage


Leigh said...

Beautiful photos. So nice to see some summer color in the "Colors of January" tour!

Annie said...

I'm impressed! Beautiful!

Life Looms Large said...

So beautiful!! Love the sea cave (and the gannets and the thistles and, and, and......)

Great to get some summer scenery for this month!! Thanks for joining in!


PS: Your trip seems like it was so great. Today I got all excited because we drove to a point a bit north of here and there was bare ground, instead of snow. I was so happy to see it and it felt great to walk across the muddy field. Even though I'm having a good winter, your New Zealand pictures make me long for summer!

Kaite said...

Beautiful colour combos, lovely idea. Thanks for sharing. K.

laurenfinley said...

So squinting will leave my crows feet deeper but looking at your photos, I find myself squinting. You have some great painting material here! I have been reading about notan (a Japanese word) and breaking down elements to just a few to create a strong and dynamic composition. Hence the squinting (and where photoshop cutout comes in handy!).