Sunday, March 1, 2009

Heading to the Folkschool!

Saturday was spent getting ready to head to Folkschool. I wandered around the house sometimes aimlessly looking for things like alarm clocks and flashlights. We're getting some badly needed rain and the temperature is supposed to drop Sunday, so I put out more seed - much to the enjoyment of Rocky, the squirrel!

One hitch I've had is that I play handbells with an auditioned group and we have a concert scheduled for Sunday afternoon 3 hours away in the opposite direction from te Folkschool. Classes normally start Sunday evening, but I've worked it out to be there first thing Monday morning - which means leaving at 6 am from here. Not excited about that, but I really want to do this class. Now with the temperatures dropping, the weather forecast is for snow (which I know to some is no big deal - but before and after snow could come ice.) The likelihood of snow here is minimal. It's even laughable where the concert is. BUT the Folkschool likely will get some today and I am concerned I won't be able to get there tomorrow morning with the overnight temps of 12F! So when I got the call this morning that the concert was postponed, I jumped for joy! I am now frantically trying to get myself out of the house to get there before any weather starts - even if I am sitting at the Folkschool hours before registration begins.
That means putting in the loom - that now has it's foundation, twining and header. And to take along my new beaters that my husband made for me. I had heard that Kathe Todd-Hooker has fixed washers onto fork to increase the weight of her beater. I wasn't sure that washers would be enough weight, so we looked at nuts and bolts. He drilled a hole through the face of the fork and fed the bolt through it to fasten to 2 hex nuts. I've got 4 beaters then - plain, 3/8" bolt, 7/16" bolt, and 1/2" bolt. I am guessing these would then range from 1 to 3 oz. in weight. The next question is how they will hold up. I'll put them through the ringer this week and we'll see!
I'm sad to say that I will not have a computer with me - I've decided to take my harp instead. So look for a BIG blog entry when I get back! Till then enjoy!

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Life Looms Large said...

Have a great time at the folk school!!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

I'm from the frozen north country (of the US anyway) and I wouldn't want to drive all over the place in snowy conditions. Even though I do it when it can't be avoided. Glad your plans got changed around so you don't have to drive in snow!

All through your post I was wondering when you'd explain the forks with hardware! Interesting....I'll be curious about how you like using them.

Have fun! Learn lots!!!