Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From 28 to 82 - part 3

Friday at the Folkschool can be a crunch day. The idea is to finish the piece, clean up the studio and head over to a closing ceremony where our pieces are displayed, OR in the case of performing arts, performed OR in the case of cooking classes, served. Above is the table with all of our weaving pieces. Our instructor was pleased particularly with each of the different styles from each person. Wedge weave is essentially a simple technique, but like plain weave there are so many possibilities. For example, most of us worked in yarn, but one student chose thread. She blended 4 pieces of thread and simply changed the blends throughout the piece. It was quite exquisite. My job may be changing just enough over the next year to require some travel and I'm thinking her home built loom and thread may be a way to keep me weaving no matter where I am. Finally, here is my completed piece. I am pleased with it and particularly enjoyed the free form process. I'm looking forward to getting into the companion piece on the tapestry loom to see where it goes.

Saturday is the sad day of packing up and leaving school. It was nice to have a week of focusing on just one thing. I forced myself to linger by packing after breakfast rather than before. I even carried smaller loads to the car, just to stay slow. Then I headed over to the craft shop and picked up another tapestry weaving book, a pair of earrings, and a piece of pewter from the scratch and dent sale. I figured with my husband as a pewtersmith he could fix the piece.
The weather was beautiful by that point and the school was practically empty. I took my harp out to an arbor not far from the cooking studio. There is a sleeping herb garden behind the arbor to support the studio. I played there for about an hour and found for half of it I actually had an audience! There was robin spending time in one of the sleeping shrubs who listened and then would sing between pieces. At one point during a piece, he sang very loudly jumping towards me and then flew off. I packed up soon afterward, but two robins came by and just stared. It's likely my imagination it was the same one, but what do you think happened? In any case, it was a great ending to a great week.


Life Looms Large said...

They could use that post as an advertisement for the folk school! I'm trying not to be insanely jealous about the sprouting bulbs and robins and lack of snow!

Your finished tapestry is really nice! You should be proud!! I like how the design came out.

It's interesting to see the other students' work....I like how the one with the pink background looks three dimensional. And I enlarged the picture trying to see the one on the left, but couldn't quite grasp seems like it has some curves or something.

Anyway, thanks so much for the wonderful summary of your week!! Hope the re-entry into regular life hasn't been too bad!

Welcome back!!!!


T Scanlin said...

Looks just grand, Jennifer! I really like the points of orange--they add so much vitality to the piece.
I know the robins enjoyed your music--and I'll bet any humans wandering around in the area, did too!!
I'll be looking forward to seeing how the wedge weave turns out on big sis.

Jennifer said...

Go for insanely jealous - I'll be wishing for your milder temperatures in July and August!

I am proud of the final tapestry and I'm very pleased with the bits of orange. I do look forward to where the large piece goes - now to figure out how to protect enough time to make it happen. This week has been busy enough for me to not know which way I'm going!

KaiteM. said...

hi Jenn, i loved seeing your wedge weave. I think you will find the hand woven tapestry version will be very satisfying after doing the loom woven one.
I thought your points of colour looked like bulb flowers amidst the green leaves.
I heard a talk just recently about how birds can react strongly to our music in their environment, it was said that they sometimes seem to learn new notes and try them out in the breaks. So you may have been tutor as well that week. And yes i am really, really wanting to do that quilt. cheers, Kaite