Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last weekend I was on a retreat in the "mountains" of South Carolina. We had 60 women up there at a camp. It was cold and rainy all weekend, but I was glad to be there. I was helping out leading music. It was a chance to play my harp with a violinist that was with the symphony BK (before kids) and a professional organist. We had worked together before, but it was 3 years ago. We pulled out a few of the same pieces and I was thrilled at how much better I've become in those three years. It makes me look forward with great excitement and what could happen next time.

It's having those realizations that gives me great hope with the weaving. It's just a matter of putting the time in, choosing wisely what to work on, and enjoying the journey. One day I'll look back and say - "Look, where I've come from."

Now I begin the retreat of "getting back home". I had barely gotten the laundry done from the wedge weave class before I turned around to head out for the retreat. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend of unpacking, laundry and finding that one item I seem to have misplaced. Somewhere in there will be some weaving and a little March Madness!


Life Looms Large said...

Your musical retreat sounds nice, despite the rain.

I think you're right, that weaving improves over time, even when you don't notice. Just keep weaving and you'll get better and better!

Hopefully you'll get some time at home to relax this weekend!!


Jennifer said...

It's funny - the rain was really not an issue. When we needed to move between buildings it stopped. I think it's more the lack of sleep that hounds me.

What's great is I'm pleased with my weaving even now, but I know there's always room for improvement or something new to learn!

Andrea said...


I TOTALLY appreciated your gifts on the retreat... and it had been too long since I have heard that beautiful trio playing in perfect harmony!

I pray that your missing piece has been found!

Love, Andrea

Jennifer said...


No luck on the missing piece, but I'm not sure how much it will be missed. I would like to find it on principle, but I found better ways to live without it.

Thanks for the envouragement and appreciation. It likely is not often enough for us to play together, but then again that keeps it special!

love you!