Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh - klahoma!

We live in downtown proper of our medium sized town and not two blocks away is a church that installed a carillon a few months ago. There are other churches with carillons, but this is the closest, so even inside the house we can hear the bells. In general it's what you expect, chiming of the hour (and fortunately these do not persist all night), and old hymns of various sorts, but occasionally there something out of the ordinary that catches the ear. For example, in December, there was "Here Comes Santa Claus!" along with other popular tunes. It makes one pause in the wonder of it all. My favorite now that it's spring is "Oklahoma - where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!" My husband had gone out to the detached garage and I ran out to sing with gusto. My "Ohhhhhhhh!" got the neighbor's dog to join in! Oh my!

I did also accomplish some weaving between the musical performances - broadway musicals in the backyard and harp accompaniment on Sunday AM. The weaving is steadily coming along. And I can proudly say at this point this is the largest piece I have ever made! Yeah! I was able to finish the purple block of color and start the next color which is blend of the purple with the blue. I learned in the wedge weave class that I particuluarly like to have a blend or a varigated yarn that shows off the angle of the weave. With a solid block the angle is easily lost on inspection.
So there you have it - "And when we say Yeeow! Ayipeoeeay! We're just saying, You're doing fine, Oklahoma, OK!"


Life Looms Large said...

Your tapestry is beautiful!! And thanks for all the tapestry encouragement on my blog!! It's good to get me thinking in that direction.

I will make another tapestry at some point....and am sort of waiting for inspiration to strike. I hope to spend plenty of time outside this summer, and I'd probably want a summer tapestry.

Or a bright-colored geometric tapestry.


Anyway, I appreciate the encouragement!!

I love how the colors and patterns are coming together in your work right now! Very inspiring!!

Please read this comment to the tune of Oklahoma.....hopefully that song won't be stuck in my head all night now!


OzWeaver said...


Have loved reading about your recent travels and weaving and playing harp! Loved the image of the robin listening to harp music!

Also have to admit something....before I read the text that went with your photos of forks with bolts in them, I thought they were some kind of crazy handbell practice technique! I read on with enthusiasm to learn how your were practicing with them!...only to discover they are tapestry beaters which I'd heard about from KTH, but had not thought about when you posted them! I used to practice handbell coordination at home with spoons...ah, how my mind works!

You've given me great memories of handbells, lovely scenes from your week at Folkschool, and some great inspiration! (Also, thank you for the blogger award...I am slowly attempting to fulfill the rules!)

Jennifer said...

Sue - That tune, Oklahoma, has "stickiness" to it doesn't it! I look forward to whatever tapestry you work on. A summer tapestry would be easy to work on outside in the wonderful weather! Hmm, I may have to think of that for myself!

You know I wouldn't put it past me to have some whacked out handbell technique - but no these are for weaving. Thanks for dropping by!


Theresa said...

Wow, you have made fantastic progress on your tapestry. It looks really really nice Jennifer. And all done in between quoting the bard! :-)


Valerie said...

Just found your blog through Brenda's. I love your wedge weave...I have a black and white one on the loom. It has been stalled for several weeks. Perhaps it's time to begin with the color.

Thanks for the nudge!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement on the wedge weave, Brenda and Valerie!

Valerie - I enjoy B&W also - may you just need a pop of color to give you that nudge!