Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Celebrating Something New

Cardinals tend to stay with us through the winters and these two are a pair of at least 7 that live in our neighborhood. Their red is a welcome splash of color among all the bare branches of the trees. What's new is with the warmer weather the Carolina Wrens are starting to show up also. I've also started recently putting out seed - so that may be why the wrens have started to come by. ;-)

Last Friday, we were invited by my company to a dinner to celebrate the accomplishments of those who had filed for patents and those who had received patents in 2008. I was granted my first US patent last year and I was glad to be a part of this. It's the only celebration the company will be holding this year with the US recession. They felt this one was important and I agree.

Lastly, I have been able to get the leashes onto the new "big sis" loom. The wedge weave class starts Sunday, so we're getting close to the wire. I want to recheck the needs list tonight to make sure there's nothing I've forgotten! I'd love to get more done, but somehow I just can't quit the job. It seems I'm addicted to eating - I can't live without it! It makes me look forward all the more to a whole week dedicated to just weaving. Ahhh, what a luxury!


Life Looms Large said...

Congratulations on your patent!!! That's wonderful!!

I'm going to believe that your wrens are a sign of spring....because before spring makes its way to me in NH, it has to find you, farther south!

Have a great time at your class - is it next week? It will be wonderful!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

You are so good - getting everything squared away for the class before the last minute. (Can you tell I'm a procrastinator?!?)


KaiteM. said...

a whole week of weaving, i didn't realise. That will be good, you should get a lot done.
You could take a pic of my Wedgeweave Blues and see what his comment is, only if you'd like to :o) K.

Jennifer said...

K, I may take the pic of your Wedge Weave Blues and see what is said. I liked just the hint of yellow in it and that would illustrate how much of the tangarine I'm looking for. I'll let you know.

Sue, Thanks for the encouragement. Ultimately I am very lazy. I only like to do a job once, so that's my motivator to spend time early to make sure I can get it done right hte first time. I'm better if I have time to process info.
The willow in the back yeard is leafing out and there are daffs in full bloom nearby - spring is on it's way despite all your snow!


T Scanlin said...

Hi Jennifer,
Congratulations on your patent! I think your plaque could be interpreted into a tapestry, in some way...
Big Sis looks super and I know you'll have just a grand time with Connie Lippert. Please give her my regards.
I'll look forward to seeing pix from the class on your blog!

Jennifer said...


Thanks so much! A tapesty of the award is an interesting thought. I'll have to keep it in mind. I am looking forward to class - I'm just not looking forward to everything that must be done to get there! But it's worth it!