Sunday, June 28, 2009

Intersecting Sine Waves

Intersecting Sine Waves, 9” x 35”, 2009
Wedgeweave, Wool and Cotton

Two sine waves in white and ash move in opposite directions down the weaving. Each wedge of the weaving alternatively belongs to one sine wave or the other. Therefore, the wedges cause the sine waves pass through or intersect one another without always touching. The waves are bounded by the “sine wave” edges of the whole work and lie on a wave of background color.
This artwork has caused the artist to question how much her life intersects with other lives without touching them or being touched by them, but never the less being influenced to continue in her path. Also how much her life is supported at the edges and in the background in ways that may seem for the moment far from where she is. It is a comfort to know that life will cycle back and around.


charlotte said...

This looks great! The wavy edges are fascinating, I really admire the patience it has required.

Life Looms Large said...

Wonderful combination of weaving, photography and writing in this post!

I love this tapestry every time I see it, but this photo really highlights it well!!

Congratulations again on such a great project!


Laura Aiken said...

Really pretty Jennifer. I adore those colors. ps got your check

T Scanlin said...

Looks just wonderful!

Theresa said...

Wow! What a beautiful tapestry and such a good title!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the feedback! I did have to take a number of pictures to get this one, but I think I've learned a few tricks to help in the future.

It's also interesting how things changed with the piece once I actually sat down with the artist's notes. The piece I've sat with for three months really did make me stop and think even after it was off the loom.

Diane Horowitz said...

Jennifer.........great wedgeweave. I love your inspirational comments. We are here in this community of blogging weavers and tapestry weavers passing each other by, sharing ideas and supporting each other without really being a being a part of each other's lives.
I'm looking forward to seeing what come next.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Diane. The intersecting really applies to so many areas of my life. The blog weavers touch this part of me and the handbell ringers touch this other part, but yes no one group seems to have all of me - but how necessary each one is! Thanks again for the feedback!

charlotte said...

There's an award for you to pick up in my blog, I hope you don't mind :-)