Friday, June 19, 2009

Dovecot Studios - A Rich Tapestry

Weavers Douglas Grierson and Jonathan Cleaver provide perspectives on the history and current state of tapestry, while Dovecot director David Weir talks about the Edinburgh studio's illustrious past and the need for public funding.


KaiteM. said...

that will make interesting reading Jenn, i'll give myself a bit of time to take it all in.
Question: have you been there? a friend of mine downunder here has spent a term studying at Dovecot, i am so envious. K.

Laura K. Aiken - Mosaics said...

I was looking at your post through the google-reader and thought oh, I need to send this to Jennifer!! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for thinking of me Laura!

Katie - I've been to Edinburgh but never been to Dovecot. I was there before the tapestry bug. Between the Navajo Indians out west in the US and Dovecot, I think I have a number of major trips in my future!

Theresa said...

Great links Jennifer, thank you! BTW, YOUR tapestry is lovely. What a beautiful piece of work. Congratulations!