Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gifts For the Time

The chimney is down and I consider that to be a great gift from my husband. We are now looking through the next tasks and with the school being closed the week of July 4th, there's no telling where we'll be next week!

I have heard so many references to Peter Collingwood's book on rug weaving that I decided I'd better seek it out. I went to and found a woman two hours away that was selling it and the second one Beyond the Basics. She let me have both of them for $100 since I'm a weaver! It's an amazing deal and I am grateful!

My parents took a short trip out of town and we did the dog sitting. They have what seems to mostly be an Australian Red Border Collie. She's quiet beautiful and smart. I've learned I would make a great grandparent. We spoiled her rotten doing things I would never allow a dog of my own to do. We took her for ice cream - the local ice cream place gives away "dog" sundaes = a small scoop of vanilla with a doggie treat. We let her up on the couch and the bed. It was only two days and I don't have to live with the consequences!
Then some weeks ago a great aunt passed away. My parents have been working with a number of others to clean out the house. I have been collecting tea cups and they let me have a number. I'm thrilled with these new additions!


K Spoering said...

I love teacups, and these are beauties! Your artist statements about both of the pieces are really good, and the pieces are both beautiful. Isn't finishing wonderful? (she, who is FAR from finishing asks, with a huge sigh.)

Theresa said...

LOL, spoiling the dog eh? I wish some of the ice cream places around here did the canine cones, as it is they seem to all get some ice cream treats from one of us daily and there are always Frosty Paws!
Beautiful tea cups and great progress on the chimney.
My Dad has both Collingwood books, likes the second one best.

Jennifer said...

Theresa - With the ice cream sundae, Abby went for the ice cream long before she looked at the dog treat. It was funny. I've others bring their dogs, but leave them in the kennels in the car while the humans wait in line. There was one husky or elkhound that you would have thought was dying until he got his sundae!

Kathy - Finishing is wonderful - especially since these are really the first two pieces I would claim. So while you are far from finishing - you have quite a history of pieces in your collection! Ever done Bugs Bunny

Life Looms Large said...

Those are beautiful and interesting tea cups! We have a few that were Jim's grandmother' we're almost collectors too!

Is it bad if several of the dog activities you allowed are regular routines in our house? When we go for ice cream, at the end Bailey gets to like whatever is left in our ice cream cups. He loves the ice cream shop!


Jennifer said...

Sue I don't think the dog stuff is bad at all - and that's between you and your dog! I've just had more than once with Dakota that he would stand mournfully looking at a visitor for sitting on "his" couch. of course if we let him up he would push the visitor off! Not bad, just sometimes embarrassing!