Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

This blog entry is in celebration of an increase in Internet speed! Just finally got it installed and oh my word! This makes the T1 connection at work seem slow. So, we'll just see how easily I take to blogging now...

We went hiking in the Sumter National Forest this weekend and I was simply fascinated with the moss. I don't know what caught me this time - maybe because I have a little growing in the garden in the back yard and I'd like more! Maybe it's also got such a fiber look to it. I kept thinking - this looks just like chenille. Here's a few pics from that.


K Spoering said...

Wow, that is Green! We have very little moss here - it always looks so alive to me, as opposed to our desert browns.

KaiteM. said...

i've often looked longingly at moss too Jen, and wondered how i could capture it in woven tapestry. Tiny, teeny little 'turkish' knots would be the trick, i must remember that for the future. Looks like a nice area to walk in, very cool. K.

Jennifer said...

Kathy - maybe that's part of my facination with the moss - I am particularly attracted to green. It certainly was a much greener hike than it was a month ago and it was striking. We do pay for all that green with a lot of humidity that you don't get in the desert!

Katie - I had not thought about an embroidery technique for the moss. I wondered about a yarn that would bring forth the pile look. It was much cooler walking through the forest than at home, but in a month it won't matter where we are - it'll be hot and humid!

Life Looms Large said...

Yay for faster internet!!! And more blogging!!

You do have some great moss in those pictures! I love it when it gets really thick like that. And your one picture especially reminds me of chenille!

We have a lot of moss in our yard....in the grass, in the cracks between stones of the patio and walkway, and on trees and rocks. We live surrounded by forest. Our old house, 10 miles away, didn't have moss. It was out in the open with a lot of sun and wind, and no trees.

Looks like a great walk that you took!


Jennifer said...

Sue, we do have moss between bricks in the garden and it keeps the weeds out nicely! That's one reason I'd like more of it. Any suggestions on how to encourage it?