Sunday, May 2, 2010

Old Mother Hubbard Went to the Cupboard

imageHere’s where we left it last week – thrilled to see rebuilding to a point of changing the atmosphere…



We were preparing for the cabinets that James had built and were at a furniture refinishing shop being painted.  The clock is ticking…image The cabinets showed up on Wednesday and it’s been a week of installing them, making measurements for the countertop, and glory be – putting in the plumbing for the sink and dishwasher.  In fact, I am just now hearing for the first time in weeks – the hum of a dishwasher!image Here’s a better picture without the overhead light to see how the ceiling, crown molding and cabinets all come together.image Another big news for the week – while in New Zealand we commissioned a sculpture to make a crèche for us.  It came in this week.  This is by Ian Anderson who lives in Oamaru in North Otago on the South Island.  Ian works in limestone that is from the local quarries.  The crèche stands nearly a foot tall and is out of the multicolored stone.  There are reddish hints that run through it and add a new dimension to the folds in the robes.image


Kaite said...

isn't it amazing how well stone can drape...k.

Theresa said...

The kitchen looks beautiful! Those cabinets are perfect. Kudos to James!
Love the sculpture. What a wonderful week you've had.