Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life’s been a blur….

Here’s the latest on the kitchen.  We have countertops and appliances in place.  If you haven’t checked out Craigslist we highly recommend it – we were able to outfit the kitchen for $1000 and that includes a range and microwave combo that have never been used!  Sorry this picture doesn’t show the appliances but the old ones are in the center of the room awaiting their sale on Craigslist!image

I must say I was thrilled to get a kitchen sink back and the dishwasher was a great boon, but once I had a range, fridge and pantry in the same room – I felt like I’d dies and gone to heaven!

Most of the push is because I have taken a new position and we will need to move to Tennessee.  I start tomorrow and have decluttered all that I can.  It really quite therapeutic.  I can officially say that I have removed college from my life – particularly all my college notebooks!!!  Fear not all that could be recycled has been!

Tomorrow is a new adventure and today is aimed at getting there.  i have no idea the next time I’ll have personal access to a computer – but know that I’m thinking and hope to catch up one day!

In the meantime – know the puppies are doing well.  They look wonderful in the new kitchen.  Black really dresses up the gateway gray.  The last two weeks between jobs and being at home has been precious.  I will miss them terribly!



Theresa said...

Congrats, good luck and safe travels. I'll be watching for updates when they come. Hail to a new chapter
and black does dress a room up.

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Congratulations on the new kitchen... but too bad you've put all the time and effort into it to be leaving it for the next folks in the house!
Congratulations, as well, on the new position... where will you be in TN?

Life Looms Large said...

Here's the post I should have read to get caught up on your moving plans!! (And I thought it would just be about kitchens.)

The new kitchen looks great...and that's wonderful that Craigslist helped you find such good deals!

I need to de-clutter more. I probably still have textbooks and notebooks from school that I'll never look at again up in the attic. I hereby vow to let go of them!

Hope your new job adventure continues to go well!

Stay cool!