Thursday, May 13, 2010

NZD 12252009

Stones on Lakeshore

I love the color combinations and how the water has brought them out in all their richness.  I love the different shapes, textures and layers of rock.  Then there’s a child in me that begins to see a nose in the large rock towards the bottom.  Could that be a cheekbone and downcast eye to the left?  What else could I hide in a field of stones?image


Kaite said...

i can see 2 black frog's eyes and nose at about 10 o'clock...k.

Anonymous said...

Once again, what beautiful inspiring photos! I used the color picker on photoshop to isolate colors in these stones. The colors were beautiful and such a variety. What fun. It would be a great way to do over a room from scratch.

charlotte said...

That's a beautiful photo!