Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Final Touches

I am known best for my ability to start things. Blank sheets of paper are a thrill to me. I love the potential in them. Today though, I want to tell of a couple things I am finishing so we can celebrate the weaker side of me!

Dakota's picture and mat are finally in their frame. I think I may make an official page just for it - as I did for other pieces.

From there I am still preparing for the Tapestry Weavers South Exhibit in Anderson starting in August. Intersecting Sine Waves will be part of it and somehow the piece needs to hang. I have been researching on the ATA site with an article on mounting tapestries and decided that I liked the idea of hanging with Velcro and shopping confirmed this is preferred route for me and this piece. The issue though is that ISW has been through wet finishing and does lay flat, but does not hang as flat as I would like. Since it is long and thin, I found the bottom tends to twist. We can't have that, can we?

So my dear husband James has allowed me access to his tools (and his guidance in using them) and we have built an "I" that will have Velcro at both ends to secure both ends of the tapestry down and to allow it to hang up flat. The wood is poplar from Lowe's and we made 1/2 lap joints on the ends to keep the frame from tilting on the wall when it is hung. The joints were glued and then stapled. The whole piece has been sealed with clear polyacrylic. Next weekend I'll work with the Velcro. Not quite finished but getting very close.

Now the beauty of finishing is that there is space now to start something new! I thinking looking towards Christmas and that really will require a starting with blank sheet of paper. Yeah!


Theresa said...

How exciting. I know that piece will garner a lot of interest. It's lovely, even from the back. Nice mounting!

Life Looms Large said...

I love blogging about finished pieces....almost enough to make me actually finish things. (Just like you, I'm much better at starting!)

Interesting to see your hanging scheme for the wedge weave. I want to make a large piece of nuno felt which will have some hanging challenges so it's nice to see what other people come up with.

Kudos to you for getting things done, in summer no less! And for planning ahead for Christmas!!! (Christmas = snow around here....so I can't think of it yet!) You're my hero!


Jennifer said...

My goal is one Christmas present a year from the weaving. Remember it's tapestry weaving! And Sue - you are finishing lobsters!!!! Looking forward to see ing your ideas on unusual mounting also.

Thanks Theresa. There's going to be a critique just before the show opens and I'm curious to hear what she says. There are actaully awards to be given out and they have brought in one of the art professors from Clemson to judge. I will learn something I'm sure!