Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Play on Pipe Looms

My husband was at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts this week. So I went to the library, picked up Pride and Prejudice from the BBC and watched an episode each night while I worked on the framing mat for Dakota's picture. P&P was the 1980s version, which is not bad, but certainly no as good as the 1996 version with Colin Firth! With that I was able to complete the mat and even the finish work. Here it is. Dakota's yarn is the fuzzy neutral block about 1/4 of the way from the top. I did blend it with the white wool yarn I used elsewhere. He didn't pack down nicely on the left side, and I didn't push it for fear of breaking it. I had expected the color of his block to be more white since the yarn by itself did appear to be, but it is interesting once it is woven together the browns that came out. His yarn is definitely a warmer color than the other greys. I was able to get the photos printed out this week at Walgreens by uploading them and ordering the prints on-line. First time, I have done that and I was rather pleased with the process! We had already played with a number of prints we had made at home with the laser jet and narrowed it down to this picture. We were looking at black and white because we have a number of old family photographs that we are planning on hanging together in the heating hall. So we wanted to make sure Dakota picture was part of that. When I sent the order to Walgreens, just for kicks, I also sent the color picture. I think I've decided that I like it better with the mat. It actually ties the browns of his yarn in nicely and makes it look like it was meant to be together.
Now I just need to get it into the frame. I'm thinking of adding some spacers to ensure the weaving is not pushed too hard against the glass. It may take a little time, but I think it's worth it.

I've had a couple questions on my pipe looms, so I thought I would add a blog entry on them. Right now I have two pipe looms for 8" and 24" wide tapestries. They are essentially Archie Brennan's pipe looms with a couple of tweaks. You can find the plans for Archie's looms at : http://americantapestryalliance.org/Education/Ed_Ar/BrennanLooms.html.
I combined the small copper pipe loom with the leashing unit on the free standing copper pipe loom. The next tweak I received from Tommye Scalin in my first tapestry weaving class. To make the small pipe loom free standing, she took two female threaded PVC "tee" and slid it over the copper pipe. Then she added male threaded PVC pipe to the tee. Rubber feet on the ends keep it from sliding and a rubber band keeps the ends from separating.
The next tweak is just to add a copper tee to the corner at the bottom of the loom rather than an elbow. I added a small bit of pipe to the bottom of the tee and another rubber foot. This keeps the bottom of the frame off the table, floor, etc. Then if the loom is continuously warped, I can advance the warp and not have the frame sitting on the "freshly" woven fabric. Lastly, of course, are the connectors for the leashes that I talked of in the last blog entry.Hope this of help!


Theresa said...

Oh Jennifer, how lovely the picture and mat are.
Just perfect! I like the color one a wee bit better too.
I have to study your pipe loom and text a better before
commenting or asking questions. Thank you for putting it up on the blog. It is all making a more sense in the flesh...or is it in the pipe! Anyway,tonight, I'm just going to enjoy your lovely tribute piece to Dakota.


Life Looms Large said...

Your Dakota project is so beautiful and touching. It practically moved me to tears just to see it. So precious.

Thanks for all the tapestry loom info. That method for making the loom free standing seems great! I've mostly seen people clamping looms to tables....and alas, I don't really have tables that I want to attach clamps to.

Still undecided if I'm going to try to get a tapestry loom set up for any beach weaving....but I'm going to save this post for when I do use my tapestry loom! Thanks for all the info and photos!


T Scanlin said...

Brilliant adaptations to the loom!
And, Dakota's frame is just wonderful... did you send Noel the link to it? Since she's on dial-up it's hard for her to follow blogs but I know she'd be quite interested to see how Dakota's yarn turned out.

I'll be at the Guild fair on Thurs.--Noel, too. Maybe we'll see you there?!

charlotte said...

The fame turned out beautiful, I love those grey-white shades. I agree that the color photo looks better in the frame than the black and white photo, the black and white photo vanishes a bit, probably because of lack of contrast to the frame?

Valerie said...

What a great idea for matting the photo!! I agree with you, the color photo is better with the mat.

Great work!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you all like the mat also. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the frame.

Tommye - I have not sent a picture to Noel yet. I wanted to send her just one message with a picture of the final in the frame. I got the sense that blogging and high speed internet was not part of her life. We are planning to come to the show this weekend. If I'm together enough this week, maybe I can bring the frame completed with me!

One of the things I enjoy about these pipe looms with the PVC stands is that I can take them anywhere very easily. The stand folds up and the whole is only as long as the pipe loom. And as Sue said - no clamping to a table!

KaiteM. said...

Jenn, Dakota's mat and photo look brilliant. He really is just inside there looking out, what a wonderful idea, well done.
Thanks for the free standing tip too, i'll try it soon. K.

Jennifer said...

K - Thanks. It is a good picture of DKA that capture his personality. He was very attentive and social. And my favorite part is that the picture makes me smile and not cry!

Look forward to seeing a tapestry from down under!