Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Deals

I am driving out tomorrow morning to another one of my employer's locations for a trial and then the next day to a potential end user of our products for market research. Think I'm using both sides of my brain this week??? I chose to rent a vehicle. I chose a mid-sized car. They would deliver it to work and leave the keys with the guard. I was told I would then go into the parking lot and hit the panic button on the remote to find the vehicle! It's only 2 hours away for tomorrow's trek and they are calling for snow - yes you read that right - snow. It crossed my mind it would be nice to have all wheel drive. Half an hour later I got a call from the rental agency - would it be okay if we sent you a truck? After work I found that they didn't send me a just any old truck - it's a MONSTER truck - mega cab Dodge Ram 4 x 4! I literally have to climb in. My husband is 6'4" and I don't think he could get his rear end high enough to slide into this thing. When I heard truck I was feeling rather provided for with the snow - but with this truck I'm wondering if there will be a blizzard to drive through!

I also have an update on the carillon in the neighborhood. I misreported it as from the church that's two blocks away. No, we have since learned it is the clock tower from the new city hall that's 1/2 mile away. Not a cheap purchase, but I guess city hall thought it was a big deal there was a secular musical offering floating over our heads. I really was beginning to wonder when I heard, "Jeanie with the light brown hair".

The wedge weave is now a foot long! Who Hoo! The block with the blending of the blue and purple yarn is finished and I've moved into straight blue. I'm praying the blue doesn't run out before I want it to, but I guess that will require some creative redesigning if it does! Another milestone is that the height of the weaving did require that I rotate the warp. I had warped this loom continuously to allow for a yard of weaving length. This was the first time I've done this and once I release enough tension - all moved smoothly. I've added before and after pictures - and included the after front and back.

So there you have the big deals going on here!


Life Looms Large said...

Wow - that is a serious truck! You'll be able to fjord streams if you need to - taking plenty of gear and probably lots of people in that big cab!! I guess that means you could fit a loom in there with you!!

You're making huge progress on the tapestry!! It looks great!! I really like the design and the colors you've chosen. I've got to go back through your blog to learn more about that loom once I set my mind to my next tapestry!!


Jennifer said...

It is a serious truck, but it really has not been difficult to drive. I have been more concerned about parking though and fortunately I can walk a pretty fair distance if I choose to. I've only jumped the curb once and that was because another monster truck had taken up too much room!

I'm pleased with the tapestry. The looms have plans on Archie Brennan's site at

KaiteM. said...

hi Jenn, the wedge weave is coming along nicely, i really like the distant shot of the whole front, it looks as tho the wedges are floating or flying in an upwards movement. K.

Jennifer said...

K - Thanks for the comments on the wedge weave! I started with this as a colored pencil drawing that was flat and 2D, but with the weaving it has brought another life. I've thought floating also and sometimes the ashe versus white yarn makes me think of shadows. I'm interested in being finished and looking at it from different angles.