Friday, April 10, 2009

Weaving at 91

My husband subscribes to American Craft Magazine and he left it open for me this month on a weaving article. There were two articles on weavers in this edition. One was on a weaver who was painting traditional designs as outdoor murals. She labeled each from the various countries of origin. She also had looms that she placed nearby for people to weave - for example, one was out of plastic trash bags to form an America flag.

The one left open for me was of Ethel Stein who is still weaving at 91. She had been taught in various art media, but landed in extensive study in historical textiles. This has influenced her weaving. It's quite inspiring and I hope to be like her when I grow up!


OzWeaver said...


How nice to see photos of Ethel Stein's work on your blog! I have seen these pieces for real, when I met Ethel a few years ago. She's quite an interesting woman. I'm glad you've found her!

Must read the rest of your post!

Valerie said...

Ooooh!! Ahhhh!! Thanks for the link. I see a lot of possibilities for wedge weave in some of those pieces.

I've been weaving a long time but had never heard of Ethel Stein. Thank you!

Life Looms Large said...

We can all hope and pray to be weaving at 91!! One of the most energetic weavers in my local weaving circle is in her early 80's....definitely an inspiration!


KaiteM. said...

what beautiful designs Jenn, a mature vision. I'll take a look at that Link now too. Thanks for your Comment about Mum's art quilt, she was originally doing it for a young niece then decided she'd put too much of herself in it so i gave her 'permission' to keep it. K.

Jennifer said...

Brenda, How jealous I am that you've seen these in person! I didn't find info on how she was making these. Do you have more info?

Jennifer said...

Valerie, My husband brought that out because her geometrics reminded him of what I was working on in the wedge weave - so I agree there is inspiration there!

Sue, There was an 80 year old in my first tapestry weaving class and she was definitely an inspiration. I hope it has as much with what she did as the genes!

K, I'm glad your Mum accepted you permission!

Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

I loved both of those articles. One for bringing weaving more into the "public" eye, and the other for the possibilities. We should all be so lucky reach the age of 91 and have our work considered as just now "peaking."

Jennifer said...

Sherri - yes if we could be so lucky as to be so vibrant at 91!

Diane Horowitz said...

Thanks for sharing that item. I must get a copy of this issue. I have taken several workshops with Kathryn Pannepacker. She is a very creative artist and a wonderful person.

My own weaving teacher, Doris Boyd, was teaching into her early 90's and although she is unable to teach now, our group still meets weekly at her home. She is an inspiration.


Jennifer said...

Diane, What wonderful tapestry experiences you must have had and are having! If the mood ever strikes I'd love to hear about them on your blog!