Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tapestries in Chicago

I'll be heading to Chicago next week for a show. In fact, it's Coverings 2009 , which is the "ultimate tile + stone expereince". Most everything workwise is squared away and am now looking at other adventures I may undertake. For example, Mary Poppins is playing at the Chicago Palace theatre and the Symphony is performing Bruckner's 8 and Shubert's Great Symphony. Those are my evenings and the only chance I have for many museums is before 5 on Monday. There's of course a number of museums and I'm hoping you all have leads on where I can see some tapestries??? The Art Institute of Chicago has a number of historical textiles - even the modern yardage most recent is 1920. I'm not finding any textiles at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Got any other leads?


Life Looms Large said...

Are you part of the yahoo weaving group?? I seem to remember a posting on there this winter about a visit to Chicago that resulted in a nice list of fiber-y things to see.

Otherwise, I have no ideas....but have fun at the conference! I love tile!


Theresa said...

No other ideas but the Museum is fantastic and Chicago has some fantastic places to eat. It's a great city. Have a wonderful time.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the input! I had indirect contact with a tapestry weaver in Chicago who says there's really nothing as far as contemporary tapestries there. But I'll go see whatever I can!