Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunset at Sand Key, Florida

I did finally make it to the beach for a sunset.  Being on the Gulf of Mexico, pictures would be easier to take over the water.  I chose to walk out to the end of the key.  And here was the adventure along the way….

First the squirrels laying out by the pool greeted me.  I found later they have a friend who brings them peanuts at the pool.

image Halfway down the strand, there was this seagull and then another just standing there facing into the wind….image image I finally looked up the beach and here were easily 50 birds of different varieties all facing into the wind.  A few had their heads buried under the wings. 

image I was able to get to the end and around them without scaring the group, but another man looking for shells sent them flying.  Fortunately, I was at the ready with the camera…image At the end of the key, the sun slowly sank into the gulf as the pelicans and dolphins came fishing for supper.image I wasn’t so fortunate to get the great pictures of the dolphins – or at least you couldn’t not pick them out from the waves in the pictures I could get.  Not a bad ending to the week.


Life Looms Large said...

Nice!!! That looks so warm and lovely!

It hasn't even been really cold here yet, but already a southern beach looks fantastic!

Hope you had a good holiday!


Jennifer said...

It was a good time, but it was for work and in the end I was also ready to come home! The little time on the beach was worth it though!