Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hiking to and past Winding Stair Falls

Last Sunday we took our first major hike with Shadow.  We decided to go some place remote yet familiar, so he had room to roam, learn and explore.  We hiked this trail last June, so it was good to see how things were changing for the fall.  I took a number of pictures with my camera and thought I’d share a few.  What’s amazing is that we got so caught up in the pictures and Shadow that we missed the side trail to the falls and added about an hour to the hike.  We came home tired, but I also know that many of the pictures would not have been made since they came from the trail beyond the falls. 

Enjoy the leaves…imageimageimage

the fungus…image imageimage image

the nuts….image image

and the water!image image

Shadow did great on the hike – especially at the rest areas!imageimage


Theresa said...

It all looks magical. That is some nifty fungus!
It's downright heartwarming the way Shadow has come into your lives and how each of you is benefitting.
Beautiful post. Thank you.

Life Looms Large said...

Great photos! I love the shot of the fungus with its very white gills! Cool!

Looks like a really fun hike - even with the extra hour.

In New England, every so often there's an article about how our foliage is the best, the reddest, etc. But you've got some red leaves in this post, so I'm starting to wonder if it's all a hoax!

Shadow is such a gorgeous dog. He's like an ad for all things Lab!


Jennifer said...

Theresa, it was a magical day! I've been learning more about my camera through experimenting - some of those shots felt magical to me also! Shadow is a good boy - there are many times I think this is all a dream!

Sue - I'm glad you like the shots - I thought of you a few times when I was making them. We are still so green and in fact all we have are red leaves at this point. There are likely some beautiful shots here at any given time - one just has to look for them. I've never been to New England, but I get the impression that your great shots of color are everywhere and easily found. Maybe that's the difference.

Shadow is some lab. People stop when we walk him downtown just to comment on how beautiful he is. I'm so in love myself. We've sent off a DNA sample and I hope to see it soon on just how much of a lab he is!

Life Looms Large said...

I think you might be right about the beautiful shots being everywhere in New England at this time of year. Plus the light and the weather and the wind and the sounds and smells all are part of the autumn experience.

That's interesting that Shadow is possibly even more beautiful in person. I'll be interested to hear what the DNA results are. Lab, or some amazing combo that results in "super gorgeous lab".


charlotte said...

These pictures are just gorgeous! And the photos of the fungi look so professional. Shadow seems to be a perfect hiking companion.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Charlotte - I've been more creative with angles and close ups with my camera and I'm likeing the results. I'm glad you so also!