Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sample of Color Blends

My husband was excited when I finally brought out some colored yarns! I bought some small quantities of primary and secondary colors just to see how far I can take blending. I want to know how many colors I will want to buy when I get the serious quantities for bigger pieces. So I wanted to have a record of different blending techniques and even thought about the shading. I started with red, yellow and blue and blended by

  • hatching

  • two colors on the same bobbin keeping then straight

  • two colors on the same bobbin letting them twist
and compared with the secondary color. Just for kicks I then blended the secondary and primary colors to see how far that would go.

Lastly, I wanted to understand my options for shading. My colored pencils class years ago taught me to use the complmentary colors to make the main color pop. Would that work with yarn?
It was a good exercise because it only caused more questions!


tommye said...

Welcome to blogging about your tapestry! I enjoyed seeing what you're doing and look forward to hearing and seeing how the leash innovation works out.
Beautiful colors in your blends experiment, by the way!
I'll link your blog to mine...!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement! The colors flew by so quickly in the just a few days that I'm left wonder what's next - there are so many choices!

Anonymous said...

You have that "string thing" going on!