Monday, November 24, 2008

Remodeling the Kitchen

Weaving on the loom has been put on hold for just a couple of weeks, partially because I'm still considering what to do next and mostly because Thanksgiving is this week. So I thought I would share the other BIG thing going on in the Peavey household. We've begun a project of moving our kitchen. I keep a newspaper cartoon on the fridge just to keep things in perspective:

My husband started demolitions when I cried out - "We need a plan!" So here's what we are living with until that plan is a little more defined. We started by taping off the cabinets and the island - so we could "walk" through it. My husband then discovered Google Sketchup which has been GREAT for being able to see what we are imagining. We've already made two major improvements from the "new sight".

This project is really more than just the kitchen - it includes the den, the dining room, the laundry room, a room for the music and the weaving.


T Scanlin said...

I sympathize since we're also undergoing upheaval at our house with renovations. We've lived in my studio for 6 months now!! And the end isn't in sight.
Good luck!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Tommye - I'm not sure if I see the end to ours either. I'm also not sure what is worse - not living at home or living in it! It will be wonderful once it's done!