Saturday, June 18, 2011

Creating the Real Me

A lot has happened over the last year. I started a new career two states away, and that change in life has introduced adventure after adventure. Each one has taken all the time and focus I could muster. I'm glad to say the new career is going well. The move between states went relatively smoothly considering the economy. There has been a lot to adjust to and many surprises along the way that have demanded our attention. I've noticed over the last month that a line must have been crossed. I am finding time to practice on the harp. I even now am in the process of warping my Le Clerc loom for a runner. So now, is there time again for the blog? Does it fit in this new life? There's only one way to know. It is to try.

I saw this quote on the front of a friend's fridge a couple weeks ago.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."- George Bernard Shaw

I started this journey searching for myself hoping to find who I am. There is some truth in that where one let's there be freedom to be who we are. With each bit I've learned, there is also the opportunity of creating a life where I can be free to be who I am.


Valerie said...

Welcome back! You've been missed.

Sue said...

happy to see you back, Jennifer..I loved following your blog and would check in once in a while to see it unchanged. I am glad to hear that things are progressing so that you can find time to weave and practice your harp.

Laura K. Aiken said...

We have missed you and your blog posts. Welcome back Jennifer.